Monday, September 30, 2013

Baby School at 15 Months

Here are activities from the least two weeks.  I combined them since one week both kids were sick and not much was done.  Mary is now 15 months old!
We visited a nature center that has the most amazing playground.  Mary loved the sand box!  She also really enjoyed finding acorns as we walked around and putting them into a pot.

I had her match shoes.  I got out four pairs of shoes that were a mix of sizes and types then had her match them.  She struggled with it at first but got it down pretty well once I started having her match them by handing her one and asking her to find it's match from the other shoes. 

She's been really into stacking cups recently.  She loves to stack them and put objects inside them. 

We've been using this bottle as a bit of a shaker for awhile.  I had her put the beads into it.  She enjoys any activity that involves putting one object into another object.  She really excelled with this one and did it very quickly. 

Believe it or not Mary actually did better with this one then Patrick.  We went outside and gathered leaves then went inside and glued them down to paper.  Patrick mostly just glued and put one leaf down.  Mary enjoyed putting a bunch of leaves onto her paper.  She did need a little help with the pressing them down but overall did very well.

Simple little activity of sorting shapes.  

I gave her three sorting cups and two matching balls (couldn't find the yellow ball).  She had fun for quite some time with this activity. 
You may notice that a lot more of her school time is happening in the high chair.  On days that she takes a short nap or I don't get around to doing school time with Patrick during her nap then I have to put her in the high chair because otherwise she gets all over his stuff.  She is very eager to join in with him and color and whatnot.  By putting her in her high chair with her own activity it's easier to go back and forth between the two kids and have both of them working on stuff without bugging each other.

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