Monday, September 30, 2013

E is for Egg

This week we didn't do too much and it led into the next a bit.  Both kids had the stomach virus this week, which meant it was a pretty lazy week. 

Most of the basic activities we did this week came from the totschool packet from 1+1+1=1 for E.  Patrick really great at completing these activities now.  We probably need to start adding more work that challenges him a little more but I like the constant review of the letter along with colors, shapes and numbers. 

Throughout the week we slowly matched all the upper and lower case letters on eggs.  We did 5 or 6 at a time.  I have tired having him match upper and lower case letters before giving him all the letters, which overwhelms him.  Doing it in small batches meant that he was mostly successful.  There were only two letters in the whole alphabet that he was unable to match.

We practiced writing in salt.  It was fun and he really enjoyed it.

Since he was sick this week a lot of time was spent in bed sleeping.  Here he is curled up with his sister.

The highlight of the week for him was an experiment using milk, food coloring and dish soap.  He absolutely loved this experiment.  I had him draw what happened too on his paper.  One before, during and after.  If Patrick had his way we would have done this experiment like twenty times.  In the end I let him use a toothpick to mix up the milk. 
Overall this week we didn't do some of the activities I had planned simply because we lost two days with him being sick.  I probably could have tried doing school time when he was sick but I wanted to let him rest. 

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