Monday, September 9, 2013

Tot School Beach Vacation

If you want to find more Tot School Ideas go here.  This week has really been kind of a bad week for schooltime at home.  Monday was Labor Day and Patrick started going to his preschool so he was gone two mornings this week.  I didn't take any pictures of Patrick working on the pack from Gift of Curiosity.  His favorite activities were the sun glass shape match, memory game with flip flops and star fish size sorting.  He struggled with the shadow match, which picture doesn't belong and the coloring according to the key.  He did OK with the flip flop color matching and the color maze.  We also got out some shape eggs from the library. 

Patrick spent a lot of time on the ipad on Thursday.  Mary wasn't feeling well and I had to pack for our trip.  I would rather not admit exactly how much time he spent on it.  He did play some endless alphabet and mostly watched documentaries.  He's really into watching marble runs too.  I wish we could get out some marbles and make our own but he put some in his mouth last time they were out so we're taking a break from marbles. 

While at the beach Patrick had a really wonderful time.  However one part that many might not have considered as wonderful was spying a dead dolphin on the beach.  Patrick thought it was quite interesting though and has given us lots of opportunities to talk about death. 

Patrick loved playing the sand at the beach.  He really loved scooping it up with shovels and putting in his bucket.  Lots of pouring and digging this weekend. 

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