Sunday, September 1, 2013

Baby School

I felt like I started really working on Patrick learning things a little late.  So I've decided to start doing some baby school activities with Mary.  She is 14 months old.  The big issue is that she's not speaking yet.  By doing activities with her I'm hoping that it will give us even more time for talking and perhaps that will help encourage her language.  Right now we're doing them all together with Patrick involved since this week Patrick didn't have preschool and lost TV all week.  But I still tried to focus in on her while we worked. 
We did pudding painting of their names.  This was a lot of fun and started just working on the idea that she has a name and it involves letters.  Plus a fun sensory experience. 
We did lots of pom-pom play this week.  Mary loved sticking them into a container.  She was pretty awesome at it and even managed to pick them up using tongs!  Really great since my son couldn't do that yet at this age or even until he was around two years old. 

I made a yellow sensory bin.  Patrick helped me find the objects and I added some yellow rice.

They had a blast playing in the sensory bin.  Lots of fun!  I'm not really working too hard on colors yet but figured it's a great time to start introducing the concept and once again this was a fun sensory experience for her.

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