Monday, September 16, 2013

Baby School 14 Months

This week in baby school we actually did quite a bit on a couple days due to short naps.  Mary is fourteen months old.
We got out our yellow sensory big again.  Just yellow rice and yellow objects.
I tried to get her to do some coloring.  She wasn't really into it at this moment but for the most part she is starting to enjoy coloring.

She tried sticking golf tees into Styrofoam.  Later we got out hammers to hit them.  This was a little too difficult for her.

Ice cube tray plus some spikey balls equaled quite a bit of fun.  She loved putting them into the slots and taking them out again.  I added some pom poms so she could fill the tray.

 We did play doh but she didn't really get super into it.  She also still tries desperately to eat it making it hard to keep it out for too long.

Not baby school related but she had her first day of swimming class.

We got out a shape sorter and well sorted the shapes.  Mary can do it if she has the shape that is closest to her but she hasn't caught on to trying different holes yet.  She finds circles the easiest since there is less turning.

We colored in a box!  Just an box bigger then her and some crayons.  She loved this activity. 

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