Monday, September 9, 2013

Baby School

This week we didn't do a ton of stuff for baby school.  But I tried to make an effort to work with Mary one on one at least a little bit.  While Patrick was in school we went to a storytime.  It didn't go well and we left halfway through but I'm hoping that we can start going weekly so that she will learn to sit and listen. 
We did egg shape sorters.  Mary can't put the eggs together yet but she had fun putting them into the carton.  I think it works on one to one correspondence.  She loves putting objects into other objects. 

We got out some blocks and did some building.  Mary wasn't feeling very well today.  But she had some fun building towers. 
At the actual beach we had lots of time to play in the sand.  Mary couldn't quite figure out how to dig with a shove but she loved picking up some sand with her fingers and put it into the shovel.

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