Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sensory Bins

Here are some of the sensory bins that I've put together. 
Our Fall Sensory bin.  It's just fake leaves, beans, fake squashes and a rake.  It had fake pumpkins at one point but I'm having trouble locating them.

The yellow sensory bin is the first of hopefully several sensory bins focused on a single color.  Patrick helped me make it from dying the rice to finding yellow objects. 

Last year for St. Patrick's Day I made a sensory bin.  It has green rice, shamrocks, a leprechaun hat, pennies, green foam letters and random green objects.  It also has PATRICK spelled out with white letters.
This is my favorite bin for smells.  It's just coffee beans, an ice cream scoop and a tea set.  It spells so lovely and Patrick loves playing with it.  Mary doesn't do this one yet since she keeps trying to eat the coffee beans.  I hope to rework this one at some point and make it more interesting.

Our colors bin.  Rainbow rice, some tub toys, random single colored objects and some foam color squares.  It also has two scoops.  This is one of the favorite bins for the kids.

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