Friday, October 25, 2013

V is for Vehicles

For more tot school ideas check out the gathering.  Last week I felt like we were doing a lot of worksheets.  It's not really how I want Patrick to be learning not that I don't think they have their benefits but schooltime shouldn't mean doing a stack of worksheets each week.  So this week I decided to branch out a little bit and try some new things.  We're also finishing up this theme early so we have plenty of time for next week's theme of Halloween.  This week the only worksheet we did was tracing the letter V, which really needed to be done as a worksheet since he needs practice tracing while using a pencil.  I also forgot to take pictures of Monday when we got out his cars and did some math activities with them.  We counted them and drove them around on some shapes.  
Since Patrick loves vehicles we have a lot of toys that are themed for them.  We did a puzzle together.  Patrick is all right with puzzles but still struggles a little bit with puzzles that aren't pieces with spots they belong.  This puzzle he did great with once I helped with the first pieces and offered some tips like starting with the corners.

Favorite activity this week was science.  We made a ramp and rolled various vehicles down it.  We adjusted the ramp to various heights and inclines and compared how fast and far the vehicles went while going down it.

Patrick also went down it.

We played with his Leap Frog magnetic alphabet singing thing. 

We sorted alphabet beads into a dip dish.  The beads had the letters X, W and of course V.  He always has struggled more with the end of the alphabet getting letters confused so it was a great way to work on distinguishing them.  I wanted to include Us and Vs since they look so similar but we didn't have enough letter U beads.  

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