Sunday, August 25, 2013

I am so glad I found you!

I thought I would start by mentioning some pins that I am so happy to have found.  These truly have been awesome and even if I'd never pinned anything else would somewhat justify the amount of time I've spent on pinterest.

Personalized Water Bottles-I felt these gave a little extra cuteness to my daughter's first birthday party.  We were having it at a park and doing almost exclusively things in bottles (water and OJ since it was an early in the day party).  Bringing in huge things of water to be served in cups wouldn't have been difficult but water bottles were simple.  Adding special labels to the water bottles made them feel like they belonged at a party not just we were being lazy.  Also I know they sell these but they are insanely expensive.  Glad I could save the money.

Smore dip-This super easy dessert also gets bonus points for being gluten free since we have some family members with celiac disease.  I love how quick and easy it is to make and it is amazingly yummy.  Just like it sounds it tastes like a smore in dip form.  And even with my horrible cooking skills I can make it.

Doll Bread-I used this for my American Girl Doll program at the library.  Very easy to make in advance and was a hit with the girls (aged 5-10) to create various types of bread during the program.  I didn't stick to soda bread but did St. Lucia's buns and Challah to help it fit better with the books. 

Puzzle Organization-The puzzles were driving be crazy.  We got Trofast from Ikea for storing toys but when you put the puzzles into them all the pieces fall out.  I was amazing at the genius of using a laundry bag to store them.  The kids could see them but they contained all the pieces.  Pure genius.

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